Proizvođači pomagala - asistivne tehnologije

Nastojali smo da zadovoljimo dva uslova, da:

- obezbedimo pomagala najkvalitetnija u svojoj klasi, i

- cena pomagala u Srbiji bude ista kao u zemlji proizvođača.

Uspeli smo zahvaljujući partnerima:


Optelec LogoMr. Frans Tieman had been an optician for many years. One day, a customer came to his store and told him that he could no longer see with glasses. He needed something more. Mr. Tieman was determined to help him. He went back to his garage and started working on something that could help this customer read again. He developed his first video magnifier, which became a great success. So great, that he decided to keep focusing on developing solutions for the visually impaired. In the years that followed, his business grew into a worldwide market leader and is now represented in over 40 countries.

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