Držači za olovke (Pencil Grips) - Set

The pencil grip is a cheap and easy low-end assistive technology device that is used to help students with their handwriting. The pencil grip encourages proper pencil use. It helps to position the hand and fingers properly for handwriting.

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- Držači za olovke (Pencil Grips) - Set: 20 EUR + PDV (ako se placa)
u Srbiji u dinarima.

How are People Using the Pencil Grips?
Millions of children, teens, and adults use Pencil Grips for....
Fine Motor Skills: Using a Pencil Grip can help a person properly place their hand and fingers on a pencil, and thus helping that person write properly on paper.
Writing: A pencil grip will help a young student develop pre-writing skills.
Sensory: Depending on the style (bumpy, smooth, and/or color) and the shape (round, square, and/or triangular), a student may develop their senses while using a pencil grip.
Autism: Pencil grips may be visually stimulating, which may make a student with Autism use a pencil grip to write for the first time.
Comfort: A Pencil Grip can eliminate the inevitable pain that a wooden or plastic pencil will cause when writing for long periods of time. In the long run, Pencil Grips can help to prevent arthritis in the fingers.

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