Beamz is an interactive music system that uses lasers to trigger musical instruments, sound effects, songs and more. Here’s the thing, it’s not about the music, it’s about using music to differentiate instruction, convey early learning concepts, develop innovative therapy protocols and address the needs of wide range of special education populations.


One Tool, Many Settings

Beamz application context is pretty close to infinite—ask the hundreds of schools’ teachers and practitioners who’ve already adopted it!  Pre-K Classrooms use Beamz alongside our Early Learning Interactive Music Video collections to teach beginning concepts of all kinds. In self-contained and life skills classrooms, teachers use Beamz to teach everything from basic concepts like directionality and counting, to site words and safety sign identification. In school therapy settings, it’s a compelling tool for doing hand, foot and midline exercises—all kinds of range of motion and fine and gross motor development! In settings where staff are explicitly working with students with Autism, Beamz is used as an incentive or reward and is on the menu as part of many students’ daily sensory diet. And finally, in classrooms that serve students who are blind or low vision Beamz is great for auditory and tactile training.

Universally Designed for Any Ability

Accessible? Check! Beamz is used with a wide range of students. While Beamz is perfect for regularly developing children, it was purposefully designed to also address the needs of students with physical, cognitive, and learning disabilities, as well as students with Autism. Use the Player software alone on a touch activated surface, with the Beamz Wireless Switch Set or Universal Switch Interface, a head-pointer, adapted keyboard, eye gaze, a foot or a feather! It’s all there! On top of that, there are activities, therapy protocols and lesson plans. Beamz comes with a sample activity guide that showcases examples in each area, but we also have guides more specific to your setting! As a bonus, we give you our Studio Software, which enables you to make your own interactive songs and activities!

Poreklo USA, Cena:
- Beamz - Inclusive, interactive music: 365 EUR + PDV (ako se placa) ... Azurirano: 2020-12-29
- Beamz Travel Case: 55 EUR + PDV (ako se placa) ... Azurirano: 2020-12-29
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