Obuka za BrainPort V100

Supervised training is necessary prior to using the BrainPort® V100 device independently.  Individuals need to complete a minimum of 10 hours of one-on-one training, over a three day period, with requirements and content customized for the individual user. The training sessions cover proper interpretation of sensory information and operation of the device controls.

Researchers have found that shortly after using the device, most individuals can begin interpreting spatial information via the BrainPort V100.  Within an hour, most users can point to different shapes.  After a few more hours, they can identify familiar objects and avoid obstacles. 

While BrainPort V100 does not replace the sense of sight, it adds to other sensory experiences to give users information about the size, shape and location of objects.  "It becomes a task of learning, no different than learning to ride a bike," said a researcher. “The process is similar to how a baby learns to see. Things may be strange at first, but over time they become familiar.”