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Brajev štampač za slepe VP Rogue

VP EmBraille

120 characters per second
High-Quality single sided Braille
Industry Leading Tactile Graphics
Tractor-fed paper (Rogue Trac), Sheet-fed paper (Rogue Sheet)
Translation and Graphics Editing Software
Worry-Free Maintenance
Compatible with Windows/Mac/Linux.
Available with Bluetooth and WiFi. (with TigerBox)
Standard manufacturing warranty 1 – 2 years depending on region. Up to 5 years available.


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Brajev štampač za slepe VP Delta 2

VP Delta 2Get fast, reliable braille with the VP Delta 2 with Power-Dot Braille! Embossing at 120 CPS, this double-sided embosser gives you Library of Congress standard braille with the highest-resolution tactile graphics. And for those wishing for an extremely strong braille dot, the NEW Power-Dot Braille is now available!

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InkConnectAdd ink to your document with the VP InkConnect! This simple accessory for the VP Premier and VP Elite provides colleagues the ability to read homework side-by-side from the same document with no additional work required.

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