Itongue - miš / tastatura za usta

The Itongue® device fits inside the mouth, like a brace, and is controlled by the user’s tongue, meaning it can be used by people with a high level of spinal cord injury who are unable to operate conventional controllers, because the tongue is controlled  directly by the brain, not through the spinal cord.

The device comprises two pads. The top pad, with 10 sensors, it is a keyboard. It is used to write out messages on a computer, for example, and works in the same way as texting on an T9 system mobile phone, with the “number 2” position responsible for the letters A, B and C if pressed once, - You hold it and it will shift by itself on and adjustable Dwell time depending on the users and their training. Upon that we put a word prediction system that calculates the words just like on a modern Tablet or a Smartphone.

The bottom pad consists of eight sensors, which indicate direction and can be used to control both a mouse on a PC, a Tablet, a Smartphone or a wheelchair. The Itongue® is CE marked.

The use of the tip of the tongue is quite muscle-consuming, and the best solution to overcome this task is a tongue piercing. This gives the user both a high precision and is less muscle-consuming. A lot of paralyzed people don’t have a lot of muscle durability, so they quite rapidly grow weak using the tongue. There are significant benefits of the piercing – the use of muscles is reduced and the device becomes easier to work with than without a piercing.

Poreklo EU(Denmark), Cena:
u Srbiji u dinarima.