IntegraMouse Plus je simulator za racunarski miš koji omogućava korisniku upravljanje svim raspoloživim funkcijama pokretom usana, uvlačenjem vazduha i duvanjem u usnik.

Your new gateway to the world!

IntegraMouse Plus on mounting system being used by a user with a Mac laptop computer. Click to see larger image.
IntegraMouse Plus on mounting system being used by a user with a Mac laptop computer. Click to see larger image.
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Games, communication, Internet, work. Today’s life cannot possibly be imagined without having the computer. With LifeTool’s IntegraMouse Plus, you can operate the computer solely by mouth. The slightest movement of your lips will control the mouthpiece and thus move the mouse pointer dynamically across the screen. By mere sipping and puffing through the mouthpiece, you can trigger left and right mouse clicks, double clicks as well as drag and drop actions as with any standard mouse.

The Integra Mouse Plus is a smart, wireless computer mouse that is currently being designed for people with complete spinal cord injury or disease-related motor impairments and designed to be operated only by mouth. It will meet the original INTEGRAMOUSE plus all the requirements as a medical device for use in intensive care or rehabilitation facilities. In addition, the wireless connection to PC, Macs, laptops and portable devices will lead to a significantly increased mobility for users of powered wheelchairs.

Like its predecessor, the IntegraMouse Plus can be used by people suffering from paralysis (paraplegia and quadriplegia), progressive muscular dystrophy, motor neurone disease, multiple sclerosis, or arm amputation. For people with good control of motor functions of the mouth, IntegraMouse Plus gives users a simple, intuitive, rapid and efficient means of accessing the computer, leading to better quality of life and independence.

The IntegraMouse Plus connects to the computer via USB and comes with all cables. Installation is Plug and Play, similar to that of a standard mouse – IntegraMouse Plus is automatically recognised by Windows, Macintosh or Linux, without the need of a driver. No external power supply is required.

The IntegraMouse Plus will be licensed according to the European Medical Device Regulation. The patented mouthpiece can be exchanged, cleaned and re-used easily and thus hygiene is not a problem if the device is used by several people.

The mouthpiece material is latex-free, biocompatible and ergonomically fitted.


IntegraMouse Plus benefits and features

  • New enhancement: Escape function for all modes (mouse, joystick, cursor). The user may now independently activate the Escape function (e.g. for media player or computer games) through an easy sip and puff combination.
  • Wireless
    IntegraMouse Plus is a wireless full computer mouse which can be operated with the mouth.
  • More than a mouse device
    Two additional operating modes: IntegraMouse Plus can also be used as a joystick and set to keyboard mode (arrow keys, Space, Enter) – ideal for gaming.
  • All-in-One

    IntegraMouse Plus offers all the functions of a classical mouse device such as left and right click, double click and drag and drop.
  • Usability
    Hardly any limit to the field of vision due to the new design
  • Plug-and-play
    Of course it is still plug-and-play.
  • Compatible with many platforms
    IntegraMouse Plus can be used with all standard operating systems, which support USB, such as Microsoft Windows, Apple OS, Linux …
  • Hygienic
    Highest hygienic standard offered by the disposable mouthpiece for office and home use as well as in rehabs and clinics. The mouthpiece can be easily and cost-effectively replaced. High-quality plastic material is used for the mouthpiece and case.
  • Long-life battery
    Long battery life due to an intelligent and efficient energy management (built-in rechargeable batteries); no external power supply needed; USB charging cable included
  • Stylish
    Appealing and needs-oriented design in shape, colour and function. The IntegraMouse Plus does not look like a “prosthetic device”, but a stylish accessory for everyday use – IntegraMouse Plus has been awarded the Plastics Design Award 2011 in May 2011.
  • Certified
    IntegraMouse Plus is – like its predecessor – certified as a medical device class 1 product.
  • Individual adjustments can be set by the user.

IntegraMouse Plus – wireless mouth computermouse by LIFEtool

Poreklo EU (Austria), Cena:
- IntegraMouse Plus - Emulator miša - upravljanje ustima: 1920 EUR + PDV (ako se placa) ... Azurirano: 2022-07-27
- IntegraMouse Plus nosači: 310 EUR + PDV (ako se placa) ... Azurirano: 2022-07-27
u Srbiji u dinarima.

Tema/slično: asistivne tehnologije / pomagala za osobe sa telesnim invaliditetom (telesne invalide, osobe sa telesnim hendikepom), asistivne tehnologije / pomagala za osobe sa motoričkim smetnjama - teškoćama - problemima.



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