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Senzorna soba - IRiS Sensory Room


The iRiS Sensory Room Package is the ultimate off-the-shelf wireless interactive sensory room package. Featuring Experia's revolutionary line of iRiS products this package is perfect for developing cause and effect skills, colour recognition skills, switching skills and many more. The iRiS room package is ideal for individuals looking to have the full body interactive experience.

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Superaktivna senzorna soba

view-source: The Superactive Sensory Room Package was created with interaction and relaxation firmly in mind. This package is great for social interaction along with theming and story telling. Create a multi sensory environment to develop life skills such as cause and effect skills, colour recognition, switching skills and vocalisation with the Superactive Sensory Room.

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Premium senzorna soba


The Premium Sensory Room Package is designed to fit into any room and to develop a number of skills. Create a stimulating interactive environment hassle free with the Premium Sensory Room Package.

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Senzorni ugao

view-source: Sensory Corner Starter Pack is an ideal starter pack which is ideal for developing colour recognition and switching skills. Promote a calm and relaxing environment with the Sensory Corner Starter Pack

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